Steffi Frohlich
Steffi new outfit
Vital statistics
First Appearance Weapon of Choice
Alias The Blitz
Nickname None
Age 14
Occupation Superhero
Nationality USA (born in Germany)

Steffi Frohlich is the protagonist of Kiwi Blitz. She is an enthusiatic teenage girl who begins to fight crime using a mech named Kiwibot. She uses "Blitz" as a superhero identity.



Steffi saves her father from the assassin

Steffi is the daughter of Mecha Machen CEO Heinrich Frohlich and an unnamed mother. During her childhood, Mecha Machen was a company that was involved in World War 3, which unfortunately caused her family to make many enemies, either of the business rivals or of those whose loved ones were killed by weapons produced by the company. One day, a mysterious assassin was sent to killed Heinrich, and Steffi happened to get in his way. The mysterious assailant fired his gun on Heinrich, but Steffi lept in front of it in a surprising act of heroism, saving her dad's life. Unfortunately, the bullet blasted her leg off in the process. It's unclear what happened to the assassin, but Steffi was dying from her wound, and later was taken to the hospital, where her left leg had to be replaced with the robotic one.
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Steffi met Benzene for the first time

When she was recuperating in the hospital, Contractor's family, who befriends Frohlich's family, visited her after hearing about her heroic acts. Along with them came their son, Benzene. Their first meeting starts the relationship between the duo.

At one point in the past, her parents seemingly divorced due to the fact that her mother couldn't stand her eccentric ambitions and interests, and Heinrich keep supporting her without thinking twice. However, when Benzene asked Steffi about this, Steffi implies that she had secondary motives: Ms. Frohlich somehow have something to do with the incident that causes Steffi's leg to be replaced with prosthetics as discovered by investigators whom hired by Heinrich himself to investigate what happened. Whether it was true or not, Heinrich eventually decided to hide this from media. Not long afterwards, Ms. Frohlich eventually gone for Germany but not without saying goodbye to Steffi.


Steffi tends to be very brash and will often charge into a situation without thinking it all the way through.

Steffi Before Kiwi BlitzEdit

Before she took the mantle of Blitz, Steffi was champion RBL player, a game where people pilot animal themed mechs equiped with an assortment of weapons.  She would later use these skills when fighting crime in the Kiwibot.

Life as "Blitz"Edit

Believing that life as superhero was cooler than her normal life, she decided to start it from when she receive Kiwibot as her 14th birthday present. This led her to various battles where she fought Barkley and as actual superhero named Blitz, she stops The Raccoon's burglary on a museum. Unfortunately, what was life that supposedly cool was not as much as she expected, as she later met more deadlier villains like Gear and hi-tech criminal organization named Alter.